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Maria, Australia

“…after being at home for a week, one day I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing here? I’d rather be walking!’ And now, I’m constantly thinking of when my next walk will be.”

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Kelli, USA

“I came and did what I was supposed to do: recalibrated mind, body and spirit. I am a stronger, more centered me for having hiked the Camino.”

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James “Jimmy” Hart, USA

“The camaraderie, generosity, and unconditional support that James witnessed daily touched him deeply. He found that everyone had a story and a reason for walking the Camino, but that the sameness of their path brought them all together.”

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“Chef” John, Australia

“We noticed an elderly French pilgrim eating a large watermelon. That was going to be his dinner. I offered the Frenchman a plate of pasta, and a plate of salad. In return he shared his watermelon. I could not find a corkscrew for the wine; he had one. We shared the bottle: long live the United Nations of pilgrims! He thanked me profusely, and I thanked him. Respect, and the desire to share, makes the world go round.”

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Xina, USA

“I decided to go because I felt called by something greater than me. I answered the call … Adventurers and pilgrims alike have heard it. And so have farmers and peasants and factory workers. Some listen. Some go … I am one of these.”

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David, USA (2017)

If my first Camino was one of self discovery, my second Camino would be one of celebration of everything I had been able to accomplish since then. It was long, and at times a grueling journey, but it was just as memorable as the first.

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Simone, Italy

“Getting up each morning with the slow and gradual awakening of nature, and the genuineness in the eyes of fellow pilgrims made me understand that the beauty of the Camino is in the simple things that make you feel at one with what is around you.”

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Steven, USA

“The shell that accompanied me all along The Way is on a decorative stake just in front of my wife’s gravestone, one last way to honor her memory.”

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Phil & Cathy, USA

“The beauty of the Camino is the ‘sameness in the uniqueness’ of each day … There is a great leveling among pilgrims.”

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David, USA (2014)

“Every day was fundamentally the same, but also truly unique. That is what I loved the most.”

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Adam, UK

“It is said the real Camino begins the moment you finish your Camino journey in Santiago de Compostela. I committed to myself in Santiago to begin my own transformation journey to create and live a life of fulfillment.”

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Nerida, Australia

“And for some unexplained reason, I became obsessed with the pilgrimage. I don’t know why! I had never traveled out of Australia, but I felt like it was calling me. Truly, a seed had been planted.”

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