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Grace, USA

“…now I’m a fanatic about walking 12,000 steps per day (per my FitBit), I only buy Rioja Reserve red wine, and I love to wear the clothes I wore on the Camino because they bring back such happy memories.”

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David, Spain

“Being from Spain, the fact that I lived no more than 4 hours by car to my home could make the arrival to Roncesvalles a bit less exciting than it would be for people coming from around the world. However, I remember feeling a strange connection with everything the moment I got off the bus.”

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Eva, USA

“We are all on the Camino together, we all have the same goal, but we have different ways of getting there.”

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Family Silas, Finland (2014)

“We learned a lot about ourselves and about us as a family. It was an experience that we could never have really understood before we started the journey. Now we are sure that this Camino was our first, but not our last…”

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Justin, Australia

“There was this one guy we saw several times who just LOVED going to the bathroom out in the open. It seemed like every time we passed a perfect photo spot, this guy was standing with his legs spread wide and a huge smile, just peeing away. We never actually met the guy – that might have been a weird conversation to start up!”

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Joshua, USA

“Many people have amazing stories and incredible memories from their Camino. I don’t want to minimize anyone’s experience because they are all truly special… but my experience was a step beyond.”

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Larry, Australia

“…one thing I found really remarkable about the Camino was how both I and my wife were just so doubtful about being able to finish the entire trip, and in the end, coping through all those challenges to complete it. Because of that, I have spent two years encouraging others to do the Camino.”

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Phil & Cathy, USA

“The beauty of the Camino is the ‘sameness in the uniqueness’ of each day … There is a great leveling among pilgrims.”

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