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Larry, Australia

“…one thing I found really remarkable about the Camino was how both I and my wife were just so doubtful about being able to finish the entire trip, and in the end, coping through all those challenges to complete it. Because of that, I have spent two years encouraging others to do the Camino.”

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Maria, Australia

“…after being at home for a week, one day I thought to myself, ‘what am I doing here? I’d rather be walking!’ And now, I’m constantly thinking of when my next walk will be.”

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Kelli, USA

“I came and did what I was supposed to do: recalibrated mind, body and spirit. I am a stronger, more centered me for having hiked the Camino.”

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Jason, USA

“I made a great number of steps to becoming a better person out there and it was my first solo travel experience. I learned that I’m a great deal stronger than I thought, and that just about anything can be accomplished if you just keep trying.”

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Dorothy / “Little Chicago,” USA

“They called me ‘Little Chicago’ (that’s where I’m from), and decided to ‘take me under their wing.’”

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Shanti, New Zealand

“Don’t get me wrong – reaching the Cruz de Ferro and spotting the Cathedral de Santiago for the first time were numinous, reflective moments that felt bloody amazing. But for me, the Camino was rather slow burn of comprehension that if I can walk across a country on my own two feet carrying everything I needed, I can do anything I want.”

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Miesung, Korea

“People listened to my story and shared their own wisdom, all of them strangers, from all over the world. They asked for nothing but happily shared their stories and showed sympathy from bottom of their hearts.”

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David, Spain

“Being from Spain, the fact that I lived no more than 4 hours by car to my home could make the arrival to Roncesvalles a bit less exciting than it would be for people coming from around the world. However, I remember feeling a strange connection with everything the moment I got off the bus.”

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