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Annie, USA

“Then I’d get frustrated, because I stopped focusing on the journey and got too caught up in the destination. I came to realize that when we do that, we risk losing the journey altogether, and then we start wonder why we are even walking in the first place! Like so much of the rest of life, we must keep the balance.”

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“The Pug & Cat Pilgrims,” UK/Norway

“So when we decided to go on a Camino to jump-start this change in our lives, we also insisted that we become the first pilgrims ever on the Camino de Santiago to bring a pug and cat along for the journey!”

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Elliott, Wales

“So I quit my job, sold everything but the most dear possessions, left my flat, ended my relationship and stepped onto the Way.”

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Brien, USA

“The young man made the short walk over to my location near the cistern and said, ‘What is the second thing the pilgrim needs?’ I sat silently, having no idea, so he said, ‘Patience. You must have patience.’ Then he spun the wheel a bit more and voila, water appeared, flowing from a pipe near the large wheel.”

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John, USA

“You find your true self when you peel back the onion of routine and normalcy. The Camino gave me that chance.”

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Simone, Italy

“Getting up each morning with the slow and gradual awakening of nature, and the genuineness in the eyes of fellow pilgrims made me understand that the beauty of the Camino is in the simple things that make you feel at one with what is around you.”

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“The Travel Whisperer,” Australia

“I actually think my first Camino in Spain would make a fantastic sitcom. The further in the past it goes, the more I am able to laugh about it. But you know what? It taught me a lot, and I still love the Camino.”

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Elena, Canada

“We have a choice every day – often on the Camino my feet hurt and my body was tired … each day I told myself to ‘choose’ to focus on the beautiful scenery around me, the amazing sunsets, the incredible people I met … and the little surprise joys that each day brought.”

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Greg, USA

“Months after I left Spain, I think about the Camino almost every day and it is calling me back.”

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“The Walking Woman,” USA

“The experience of my trek was completely and utterly joyful. It reaffirmed my belief, an unquestioning understanding that the Universe will conspire on my behalf if I just flow with it… if I simply let it.”

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Steven, USA

“The shell that accompanied me all along The Way is on a decorative stake just in front of my wife’s gravestone, one last way to honor her memory.”

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Amy “BrassKnichols,” USA

“Listen. Everyone had some big, monumental, life-changing reason for going on the Camino. I met people who wanted to figure out their life, get over some traumatic past event, or maybe grow as a person. Not me. I just literally had no place else to be.”

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