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Pete / “Pedro,” Australia

“…the Camino definitely helped change me. I found a way to solve little problems, to do things differently, and to not do the easiest thing in front of me. I changed, and maybe I can’t explain exactly how. But I didn’t show up thinking about how I needed or wanted to change.”

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Xina, USA

“I decided to go because I felt called by something greater than me. I answered the call … Adventurers and pilgrims alike have heard it. And so have farmers and peasants and factory workers. Some listen. Some go … I am one of these.”

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Angela, England

“There was something surreal about walking the ancient route. Removed from the familiarity of everyday life people sometimes walked alongside others telling their stories and explaining their very personal reasons for doing the pilgrimage.. We heard stories of heartache, loneliness illness and loss.”

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Mel, USA

“I eventually fell into a rhythm with a group of people who who walked my same pace and distance. And we talked. We shared. A common first question was ‘why are you doing this?’ Like snowflakes, the reasons were unique and beautiful.”

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“Blissfully Ignorant” Chuck, USA (2012)

“I’ve been asked if my pilgrimage was a transforming experience. I’m not sure that I can answer that in fewer than 36,836 words.”

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Jessica, Canada

“I came to understand that you can’t spend your life planning ahead, because you will miss the true beauty that each day has to offer.”

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Nerida, Australia

“And for some unexplained reason, I became obsessed with the pilgrimage. I don’t know why! I had never traveled out of Australia, but I felt like it was calling me. Truly, a seed had been planted.”

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Desi, Australia

“The Camino is truly a wonderful experience. It’s life changing. The people you meet can become great friends. When I talk to them, it brings up these feelings. I guess you could say it’s the sense of accomplishing something together. But, it’s much more than that.”

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Family Silas, Finland (2015)

“In so many ways, this Camino was different than the one we did before, but it had a lot the same, too. The one thing that doesn’t changes is how deep and memorable an experience it is. One day, if we are able, we will return to the Path. As a family, of course!”

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Kelli, USA

“I came and did what I was supposed to do: recalibrated mind, body and spirit. I am a stronger, more centered me for having hiked the Camino.”

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Carlos, Spain

“‘Milestones’ like ‘the next day,’ or ‘the next coffee shop’ were what gave me the strength to go on. In this way, the Camino puts you in ‘can-do’ mode, even though it’s so long and difficult.”

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Joshua, USA

“Many people have amazing stories and incredible memories from their Camino. I don’t want to minimize anyone’s experience because they are all truly special… but my experience was a step beyond.”

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