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Phil & Cathy, USA

“The beauty of the Camino is the ‘sameness in the uniqueness’ of each day … There is a great leveling among pilgrims.”

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Brien, USA

“The young man made the short walk over to my location near the cistern and said, ‘What is the second thing the pilgrim needs?’ I sat silently, having no idea, so he said, ‘Patience. You must have patience.’ Then he spun the wheel a bit more and voila, water appeared, flowing from a pipe near the large wheel.”

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Tylerann, USA

“When we finally bought plane tickets in February 2014, that’s when we knew the Camino was really going to happen.”

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Grace, USA

“…now I’m a fanatic about walking 12,000 steps per day (per my FitBit), I only buy Rioja Reserve red wine, and I love to wear the clothes I wore on the Camino because they bring back such happy memories.”

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Eva, Canada

“I think it’s in the nothingness that I found everything. I needed the shooting pain in my feet to remind me that I was alive.”

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Julie, Canada

“After a sad season and slow healing process, a piece of my spirit has reawakened in me – the piece that rallies fellow pilgrims to jump in the river with me after a sweltering day of hiking; the piece that picks flowers every day and tucks them into my skirt; the piece that wants to discover and know other’s stories; the piece that feels ALIVE.”

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“Blissfully Ignorant” Chuck, USA (2012)

“I’ve been asked if my pilgrimage was a transforming experience. I’m not sure that I can answer that in fewer than 36,836 words.”

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Carlos, Spain

“‘Milestones’ like ‘the next day,’ or ‘the next coffee shop’ were what gave me the strength to go on. In this way, the Camino puts you in ‘can-do’ mode, even though it’s so long and difficult.”

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Edna & David, Canada

“Our lives back home in Calgary consist of us both working full time jobs, commuting through city traffic, and trying to balance life at the end of the day. Our lives on the Camino were balanced every day because of the simplicity.”

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Larry, Australia

“…one thing I found really remarkable about the Camino was how both I and my wife were just so doubtful about being able to finish the entire trip, and in the end, coping through all those challenges to complete it. Because of that, I have spent two years encouraging others to do the Camino.”

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Desi, Australia

“The Camino is truly a wonderful experience. It’s life changing. The people you meet can become great friends. When I talk to them, it brings up these feelings. I guess you could say it’s the sense of accomplishing something together. But, it’s much more than that.”

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“The Travel Whisperer,” Australia

“I actually think my first Camino in Spain would make a fantastic sitcom. The further in the past it goes, the more I am able to laugh about it. But you know what? It taught me a lot, and I still love the Camino.”

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