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Friends, Since we launched “¿Por Que Peregrino?” just over three years ago, we have been immensely proud that a diverse community of pilgrims helped build our site by sharing so many wonderful memories from their Caminos. We want to ensure that those stories reach all sorts of people who are either thinking about the Camino […]

Day 44 – Finisterre to Muxía

6/23/17 – 31.2km/19.3mi from Finisterre to Muxía. This was it. The very last day. The end of my second Camino. I actually put off writing this for a few days because I needed some time both to unwind, and to figure out what closing thoughts I had. So I guess this is a bit long. […]

Day 43 – “Day Off” in Finisterre

6/22/17 – “Day Off” in Finisterre. We had a great time last night celebrating a monumental accomplishment. Not to mention that we’ve covered nearly 100 km since Santiago, in just three days. That’s taxing. As strong as we have become on this journey, we’re definitely tired, mentally and physically. That exhaustion manifested in a few […]

Day 42 – Olveiroa to Finisterra

6/21/17 – 49.2km/30.6mi from Olveiroa to Finisterre, which the ancient Romans thought was “the end of the world.” The distance includes the distance we walked to Finisterre, in town, and climbing to the “lighthouse at the end of the world” and back. The stars were smiling on our night in Olveiroa as we had a […]

Day 41 – Negreira to Olveiroa

6/20/17 – 35.1km/21.8mi from Negreira to Olveiroa. I’ve been enjoying seeing again some of the things that we saw on the Finisterre trip in 2014. For example, the sign for the town of “Fornos,” vandalized so it says “Pornos.” A little puerile, but I found this gleefully delightful back then and now. The Camino Finisterre also has […]

Day 40 – Santiago de Compostela to Negreira

6/19/17 – 22.8km/14.2mi from Santiago de Compostela to Negreira. After 40 days and 40 nights of traveling through a certain desert, certain people reached a final destination. We… have a few more to go. Our “Camino family” has dwindled from 10 to 4, and only Serrina, Courtney, David, and I are left. But we will […]

Day 39 – Monte de Gozo to Santiago de Compostela

6/18/17 – “815km/506mi” from Monte de Gozo (ok, from Irún, Spain) to SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA!!! Finally, after a long, difficult, but surely an enjoyable journey, WE REACHED SANTIAGO, which was reason to celebrate! In 2014, we walked 500 miles. And this year, as the song goes, we walked 500 more! My Compostela (certificate) says we […]

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