Day 12 – Rest day in Lugo

Rest day in Lugo

And on the thirteenth day, we rested. As I mentioned yesterday, we looked at the weather forecast and realized we were staring down the barrel of a full week of rain. So, David and I decided to stay an extra day in lovely Lugo. There is a lot of good stuff to see and do here, and more than anything else we were tired from what has been a hard trek thus far.

We nevertheless did manage 3.5 miles of walking as we strolled to and fro checking out Lugo’s main sights, chief among which are its impressive and fully-intact Roman walls – the only fully-intact Roman walls in the world. Built between 263 and 276, their circumference is over 1.3 miles. Working with the slope of the land, they range between 23-36 feet high, and are up to 24 feet wide. 85 rounded towers gave defenders a commanding view of the surrounding countryside and excellent angles on anyone who might try to scale the walls. We had a great walk around the walls which allowed us bird’s eye views of the entire old city.

But as the last of the day’s fleeting sun fled behind clouds, it began to get cold. With a forecast of “sheets of rain” coming our way soon, we made our way again to the fantastic place where we had food and drinks last night, Cafetaría Millenivm in Rúa da Cruz (otherwise known as the street of 1000 bars). One of the waiters remembered us from yesterday and made sure our Raxo portions and our wine pours were mega generous. Then we escaped back to our room just in time to avoid the rain, which came down with force. Our legs were sore, our backs tired, and it was time to take advantage of the rest of this “rest day” by ACTUALLY resting.