Day 4 – La Espina to Tineo

8.7mi/14km from La Espina to Tineo

We had a decent 350-foot climb out of La Espina, after which we hiked along a few rolling hills until we reached the very pretty and hilly town of Tineo, where after only 8.7 miles, we had to call it a day. Something ain’t right. David’s come down with a cold or flu, and I haven’t felt right in the stomach for a little bit. I wish I knew why, but all I know is that it translated to our having to take a frustratingly short hiking day. And before you ask, we’re both fully vaccinated and recently got negative covid tests.

So we, who have 1500 hiking miles and 1000 cycling miles under our belts, are significantly slowed down. It takes away from your ability to really enjoy the countryside and the scenery when your focus is on not feeling well. And, it’s not great for your overall plan to cover 265 miles when you’re managing only 8.7 each day. We’re going to have to get better and then cover significantly more ground. We barely ate and called it a very early night.