Day 0 – Exploring Oviedo

For the 4th time, we’re going to the Iberian Peninsula for a Camino de Santiago. This time we’ll take a trail through the Cantabrian Mountains called the Camino Primitivo, covering ~265 miles of what is believed to be the hardest and most difficult of the various Camino routes. This picture shows the stops along the Way.

After arriving in Spain, and meditating before my connecting flight to Asturias, my mountains of stress began to subside. Little turns of good luck and general kindness of others also helped – for example catching a bus to Oviedo at the Asturias airport just in the nick of time. Immediately after arriving in Oviedo, I connected with ol’ pal David and we hiked a few miles north of the city to Monte Naranco, where we explored a trio of churches that are now UNESCO World Heritage sites. We then descended and meandered through the city exploring various sights, churches, plazas, and parks. We had a nice and simple dinner – that first tortilla de patatas in Spain really hits the spot. We were both ready to crash by 730pm.

Long trail ahead and we need to steel ourselves. Before falling asleep, I contemplated how to have a more fulfilling and spiritual journey. I resolved to meditate daily, visit every church I can along the Way, and to read the Bhagavad Gita a little bit each day as well. But I remembered from past Caminos to also not force it: meaning truly does come to you on these trips. Let’s see what this one brings.