Day 22 – Tui to Mos

Day 22 – Tui to Mos – 22km – Observations and Photos

Last night, we stayed in a converted wing of a monastery last night with comfortable mattresses (compared to the rock-stiff ones we’ve slept on for most of the trip). So of course it was blazing hot and there were dozens of mosquitoes until around 3am when we finally got some sleep. There’s always something! Our Camino “mom and dad” Finn and Lis, and our new “uncle” Bernard left early while David and I luxuriously slept in, and finally hit the road at a very late 9:15.

We walked quickly at first thinking that if we took few or no stops we might catch our friends, but they had a solid 1.5-2 hours on us. We walked and noticed dozens of new peregrinos, either who joined our “central route” here from the “coastal route,” or who just had begun their walk – you need to walk at least 100km to get your “Compostela” certificate and Tui is right near the 100km marker.

A full 15km later, we got to the town of O Porriño and realized that we weren’t catching our people today. We grabbed some fruit from a grocery store and sat down for something that we have been craving for a while but was simply not available in Portugal: a tortilla de patatas! That gave us the fuel we needed to get to the Albergue at Mos where our little Camino family had been waiting for us. We were in a cute but a small town and after the typical Camino to-dos of showering, hand-washing clothes, stretching, and dinner with our friends, we called it an early night. 20 miles tomorrow!

David’s Observations

Sometimes sleeping in is worth the later departure time. The room was a little warm last night so me and Nilanj decided to leave later and catch some extra sleep.

Overall the walk was very pleasant today with a lot of forest paths along side creeks and rivers. After a quick coffee we walked for about 15km straight which was definitely felt when we got to Porriño.

There were dozens of new people today, mainly Spanish. Tui is a popular starting point for them since it is a little more than 100km which makes it official.

Fruit and a massive piece of tortilla made for the perfect lunch. Is will be nice being able to get tortilla so easily now!

We stayed in Mos which was up in the sides of a valley with low hanging clouds. It was cooler and definitely helped with the sleep.

Not a lot of photos to take today