Day 14 – São João da Madeira to Grijo

Day 14 – São João da Madeira to Grijo – 21.5km/13.3 miles

Two weeks now complete! A lot of the guides tell you that this stage is about 18km but we found it was clearly more. I’m not sure where they are pulling their numbers from sometimes! Today’s walk was one that has been all too common on this route, with lots of pavement and walking next to busy roads. I actually don’t recall not walking on pavement today. It’s one of those walks that you don’t really remember much from because there’s nothing that stands out. It’s just a day you endure and try to enjoy in moments. There was one 100m climb straight up a road that I stood out I guess. I hear the walk the into Porto tomorrow is scenic so I’m looking forward to that. It’s good to have a good a group of people and music on these days where the walking is less enjoyable.

The albergue today is one that you basically check yourself into and out of. The key to get in was held by the neighbor Agusto who had a great time showing us around the building. It’s like our own little apartment for the four of us tonight. The Portuguese people have all been very friendly towards us throughout the days. Finally we were able to cook the spaghetti I’ve been carrying the last 3 days!