Day 15 – Santillana del Mar to Comillas

Day 15, 5/25/17 – 22.9km/14.2mi from Santillana Del Mar to Comillas, with rolling hills throughout the day.

Unlike yesterday’s suburban and industrial road journey, today started and ended in great medieval towns with beautiful architecture. While we mostly walked on roads it was often through farms and nice villages. I saw a couple things I found interesting, including the machines that make the huge plastic-wrapped bales of hay we see at every farm, and a few fun signs – for example a “beware of dog” sign that featured a dog biting someone’s bottom! Most of these signs we’d seen so far just had cute-looking dogs

After arriving in Comillas a few of us headed straight for the beach where the cold water wasn’t just “healing,” it was refreshing after a hot sunny day. A little bit of post-hiking yoga and I was ready for eatin’ and winin’! When I did the Camino in 2014, folks took to calling me “Señor Vino.” I’d say he hasn’t disappeared – just mellowed with age.

Before going to bed, we got together for a little singalong, and had an absolute blast. The first week of this journey was a real physical test, and this second week has just as long days and plenty of difficult stretches, but it has been truly enjoyable with the merry band we’ve cobbled together!