Day 28 – Luarca to La Caridad

6/7/17 – 33.3km/20.7mi from Luarca to La Caridad, with about 1313m/4310ft of ascent and descent.

We knew today would be long so we got up and shuffled out early from Luarca. It was another day of mixed forest, farm, and road walking, with nothing really spectacular. We walked under a major highway and marveled at how high it was… until we had to climb a path that pretty much led all the way up to that highway. Ouch! Lotta climbs today.

Today we saw the companion to last week’s “Fabio Horse – “Guns n’ Ponies,” with lead guitarist “Slash Pony.” We had a great time putting that photo together! And of course we had yet another fun dinner (complete with lots of wine). We sang a few songs, and we had a movie night! We bunched up in one of the rooms of our albergue and watched “The Way” – as one does when on the Camino! Tomorrow we head to the beautiful town of Ribadeo, and we finally steer away from the coast for the final days to Santiago.

Because I don’t have much else to say about the day, I present to you a list of Camino euphemisms that David and I have developed. Basically, body parts are like car parts. Our feet are the tires, and a blister is a flat. Knees and hips are the shocks & suspension. The stomach is the fuel tank – don’t let it go empty! And bodily functions are like municipal departments – as if you’re playing SimCity. When you’re hungry it means the “power plant” is running on reserves. And then you’re mentally hazy, so the “control tower,” or your nervous system, is on strike. When you have to do a #1, you call the “fire department.” And its companion┬ánumber two is “emptying the payload.” You gotta keep the payload crew happy – their job is mission critical!