Day 1 – Irun to San Sebastián

5/11/17 – 23.5km/14.6mi from Irún to San Sebastián, with 1420m/4659ft total ascent and descent

It’s great to be on the Camino again, but on a different route than the one we took in 2014 when we first met. Instead of rehashing last trip at each stop, you get new places, new vistas, new faces, and new experiences. Today was spectacular, and the weather was perfect, allowing for amazing sea views back to Irun and of gorgeous protected bays along the coast. But OOF – no training or weightlifting doesn’t really prepare you for the grind of carrying 20 pounds on your back for 8 hours through treacherous terrain and steep climbs. David and I arrived at today’s destination pretty wiped out. Never fear, a few tortillas de patatas and chorizos later, we’ll be up and at ’em tomorrow!