Welcome to Camino Memories!


Since we launched “¿Por Que Peregrino?” just over three years ago, we have been immensely proud that a diverse community of pilgrims helped build our site by sharing so many wonderful memories from their Caminos. We want to ensure that those stories reach all sorts of people who are either thinking about the Camino or just reflecting on their own trips – and we want to continually build this community.

Over the past year, we have been thinking carefully about how our collection of wonderful stories can reach a wider audience of pilgrims and lovers of the Camino. After a lot of reflection, we felt it was important to improve and beautify our website and improve our technology base using more images and the ability to translate the site. But we also wanted to give that website a name that is more recognizable and memorable to past and future pilgrims.

So, we welcome you to our beautiful new website, which is now named “Camino Memories.” We’re here for the long haul, we love sharing stories of this wonderful experience, and we hope you’ll love it!