Walking the Camino

When walking the Camino, everyone has their own experiences and adventures.

Camino Memories allows people from all around the world to share their stories after walking the Camino. These are real Camino experiences from real Camino peregrinos. Everyone’s story is different and the goal of this website is to capture the unique nature of these stories. The Camino provides remarkable, even profound experiences, for those who embark on the journey. Nothing captures this life-altering adventure more than the people who did it. This is intended to be that. These are our Camino experiences. If you would like to contribute your story, please get in touch with us using the Share Your Story link at the top. We’ll get in touch with you and then help you write your own personal Camino experience.

We started this website because we noticed that nearly all of our fellow walkers had very interesting reasons for hiking the Camino. We all had remarkable, even profound experiences, yet we didn’t see anything that really captured these amazing, vivid stories. Most online message boards or Facebook groups are great about telling you how heavy your backpack should be, what to use to protect against bedbugs, or how to prevent blisters. But I found nothing truly inspiring, that might really excite a prospective pilgrim about the journey, or that might cause someone to go who might never otherwise have considered it. Nothing to capture how much of a life-affirming adventure this has been for hundreds of thousands of peregrinos.

We hope that you find the Camino de Santiago experiences on this website inspiring whether you are thinking about taking the journey yourself or reminiscing on your past Camino through others experiences. There is a reason why the Camino has an aura around it and it’s the people that experience this is magic that we want to capture stories from.

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