Clare, USA


“One peregrino named Mike even shared a little prayer of healing over my family. It was a small moment of compassion that still moved and consoled us. We never saw Mike or his family again after that encounter, but I will always be grateful for their kindness.”

Family Silas, Finland (2015)

“In so many ways, this Camino was different than the one we did before, but it had a lot the same, too. The one thing that doesn’t changes is how deep and memorable an experience it is. One day, if we are able, we will return to the Path. As a family, of course!”

Family Silas, Finland (2014)

“We learned a lot about ourselves and about us as a family. It was an experience that we could never have really understood before we started the journey. Now we are sure that this Camino was our first, but not our last…”

Amy “BrassKnichols,” USA


“Listen. Everyone had some big, monumental, life-changing reason for going on the Camino. I met people who wanted to figure out their life, get over some traumatic past event, or maybe grow as a person. Not me. I just literally had no place else to be.”

Grace, USA

The Way

“…now I’m a fanatic about walking 12,000 steps per day (per my FitBit), I only buy Rioja Reserve red wine, and I love to wear the clothes I wore on the Camino because they bring back such happy memories.”