Paul, USA

The Camino de Santiago was more than that for which I had prayed. I am so thankful for the time God allowed for me to take this journey of heart, soul and mind. I walked alone and you should too. But you’re never really alone.

Angela, England


“There was something surreal about walking the ancient route. Removed from the familiarity of everyday life people sometimes walked alongside others telling their stories and explaining their very personal reasons for doing the pilgrimage.. We heard stories of heartache, loneliness illness and loss.”

Marcela, Colombia

“I thought about how often we complain to God about all kinds of little problems, and how we so often think life is unfair. And then I remembered that during this entire trip we never once lacked food. In my life thus far, I had accomplished all that I wanted to. God gives us gifts that we don’t always see.”

Kirby, USA

“Little things like this on so many days made me think that the Big Man upstairs was looking out for me during my Camino. It doesn’t have to be miracles. Sometimes, those little things remind you to count your blessings.”

Kelli, USA


“I came and did what I was supposed to do: recalibrated mind, body and spirit. I am a stronger, more centered me for having hiked the Camino.”

Jan, USA


“I was blessed that each day allowed me to expand spiritually – even in the airports before I began the walk! At other times, I was blessed that while walking alone, I could feel I was walking with God. I am longing to go back.”

Greg, USA


“Months after I left Spain, I think about the Camino almost every day and it is calling me back.”

Doug & Amy, USA


“We wanted to jump in the ocean at ‘earth’s end’ to seek the power of the setting sun.”

Greg, USA

Via de la Plata

“I wanted to prove to myself that I could reach Santiago, even if I had to crawl there!”