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Day 7 – Bilbao to Portugalete

5/17/17 – 16.4km/10.2mi from Bilbao to Portugalete with fairly even walking until a ~75m/250′ climb at the very end. Many before us rested on the 7th day, so we followed suit. Today we slept in, explored Bilbao and the Guggenheim museum, and lazily made our way to Portugalete, a town just about 6-7 miles north […]

Day 6 – Guernica to Bilbao

5/16/17 – 25.3km/15.7mi from Gernika to Bilbao, with about 1200m/3937ft total ascent and descent. After the physical and mental stresses of yesterday, David and I resolved to just take it easy today and keep our minds mentally relaxed. We set out knowing the final destination was Bilbao, a whopping 22 miles away, but the last […]

Day 5 – Markina-Xemein to Guernica

5/15/17 – 30.1km/18.7mi from Markina-Xemein to Guernica with 1250m/4101ft total ascent and descent. Let me start by saying I’m having a great time, and that this is already a very rewarding trip. But oh my word, these days have me at the breaking point. They’re immensely challenging. After 8 hours of pleasant but punishingly long […]

Day 4 – Deba to Markina-Xemein

5/14/17 – 29km/18mi from Deba to Markina-Xemein, with 1830m/6004ft total ascent and descent. After yesterday’s relentlessness, today was much more manageable, with peaceful strolls through rolling farms, forests, and green spaces. But we still had two major climbs and then a final descent so steep that it was more appropriate for street luge than hiking […]

Day 3 – Zarautz to Deba

5/13/17 – 32km/19.9mi from Zarautz to Deba, with at least 1900m/6234ft total ascent and descent. If there’s one word for what today was, it was “brutal.” Or maybe “oppressive” or “relentless?” No, I’ve got it – “oppressively relentless!” Wait, that’s two words – but I’m going with it. It was harder than any day I’ve […]

Day 2 – San Sebastián to Zarautz

5/12/17 – We’re slowly getting our “sea legs.” The steep and long climb out of San Sebastián was more manageable than yesterday’s climbing, and the length was similar but more tolerable.

Day 1 – Irun to San Sebastián

5/11/17 – It’s great to be on the Camino again, but on a different route than the one we took in 2014 when we first met. Instead of rehashing last trip at each stop, you get new places, new vistas, new faces, and new experiences.

Day “0” – USA to Irun

5/10/17 – Weeks of preparation and nearly 30 tiring hours of travel took us from Tampa/DC, USA to Newark, to London Heathrow, to London Stansted, to Biarritz, France, and finally, to Irún, Spain. Only 850km to go… wish us luck!

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