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Day 22 – Deva to Gijón

6/1/17 – 7.8km/4.7mi from Deva to Gijón, short and simple! Today was pretty much a “rest day” even though we had some walking to do. We all slept in, had a leisurely breakfast at the awesome restaurant at Camping Deva-Gijon, and set off toward Gijón also at a leisurely pace. After a nice entry alongside […]

Day 21 – Villaviciosa to Deva

5/31/17 – 24.1km/15mi from Villaviciosa, to Deva, with about 1340m/4396 feet of climbing and descent. After yesterday’s epic 28 mile hike, today was supposed to be mercifully shorter at just around 15 miles. But when you throw in Herculean climbs, it was no easy day! In addition, let’s just say I celebrated my birthday *well* […]

Day 20 – Ribadesella to Villaviciosa

5/30/17 – 45km/28mi(!!!) from Ribadesella to Villaviciosa. WOW – we just hiked 28 miles!! Some people’s trackers said 24, 26, but I’m sticking with my calculations. We set off at about 7:15am and got to where we were staying just around 6:45pm. 11 and a half hours on our feet! And the best part – it […]

Day 19 – Nueva to Ribadesella

5/29/17 – 13km/8.1mi from Nueva to Ribadesella. Despite starting off early at 7am hoping to knock out 18 miles before an afternoon rain forecast hit, we found ourselves pummeled by rain around mid-morning. It hit when we were on dirt farm paths that became massive mud puddles. There were no dry or covered places to […]

Day 18 – Llanes to Nueva

5/28/17 – 18km/11.2 from Llanes to Nueva, with nice easy strolling. We got a slightly late start today as we planned, because we wanted to take advantage of the local laundromat to wash and dry clothes. Every day, most of us hand wash the clothes we wore that day. It can take time, but I […]

Day 17 – Serdió to Llanes

5/27/17 – 39.9km/24.8mi from Serdio to Llanes, with about 760m/2493ft of climbing on several steep ascents. Man, today was a doozy. We all woke up at 5:30 or 6:00am, so we could make it to Bar Gloria for an earrrrrly morning breakfast before beginning a long 25mi trudge in the hope to arrive in Llanes […]

Day 16 – Comillas to Serdió

5/26/17 – 22.5km/14mi from Comillas,to Serdió, with at least 400m/1310ft of climbing on steady rolling hills Another relatively short day today – we saw a forecast for afternoon rain, so we figured to stop either at Serdio if it was raining, or trek another 6mi to Colombres, if it was clear. It was really a […]

Day 15 – Santillana del Mar to Comillas

Day 15, 5/25/17 – 22.9km/14.2mi from Santillana Del Mar to Comillas, with rolling hills throughout the day. Unlike yesterday’s suburban and industrial road journey, today started and ended in great medieval towns with beautiful architecture. While we mostly walked on roads it was often through farms and nice villages. I saw a couple things I […]

Day 14 – Santander to Santillana del Mar

5/24/17 – 38.6km/24mi(!!!) from Santander, to Santillana del Mar Santander was gorgeous, but the suburbs that we had to exit through were nothing to talk about. We went under some bridges, along some roads, and also passed what appeared to be a nuclear power plant. To cross a river that one could only walk across […]

Days 12-13 – Guemes to Santander

5/22-23/17 – 21.4km/13.3mi from Guemes to Santander, and then a “day off” in Santander The trail today went north from Guemes to the coast, where the path hugged the edge of a cliff and gave us marvelous views throughout the day. While we’ve all been seeing each other daily, today you could say we joined […]

Day 11 – Laredo to Guemes

5/21/17 – 32.5km/20.2mi from Laredo to Guemes with relatively flat walking except for one steep climb on a cliff nestled between two beautiful beaches. The trail today was lovely but long, and there were points where the sun was baking us on the road as we walked. We walked a few miles along the beach […]

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