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Day 7 – Tomar to Alvaiázere

Day 7 – Tomar to Alvaiázere – 29km/18 miles Today was my far the best day on this Camino so far. It was a long day but a good day in many ways. I’m an effort to best the heat, we started walking at 6:30am. It started with a very nice hilly forest path before […]

Day 6 – Golegã to Tomar

Day 6 – Golegã to Tomar – 33km/20.50 miles This was the third of four straight 30km+ days and it offered some new surprises as well as some of the usual things this route has offered so far. The new was some legit climbing and descents through a eucalyptus forest that actually had shade. Today […]

Day 5 – Santarem to Golega

Day 5 – Santarem to Golega – 34km/21.10 miles We actually left early today which was supposed to help avoid the heat, but the afternoon still ended walking in 86 degrees. The temperature gradient here is definitely bigger than Spain. It starts in the mid 50s and gradually gets to mid 80s by 4pm. With […]

Day 4 – Azambuja to Santarem

Day 4 – Azambuja to Santarem – 33km/20.50 miles This one was a real doozy. Being the first 30km+ day it was definitely a challenge for the mind and body. We originally wanted to leave around 7 but the bar didn’t open until 7:30 for first breakfast and we had to wait. The day started […]

Day 3 – Vila Franca de Xira to Azambuja

Day 3 – Vila Franca de Xira to Azambuja – 20km/12.4 miles Today was similar to yesterday in that the walking included a good amount of pavement and developed areas. Portugal does its best to route the path around these areas but there’s only so much they can do in this part of the country. […]

Day 2 – Apriate to Vila Franca de Xira

Day 2 – Apriate to Vila Franca de Xira – 18km/11.1 miles Today was quite the contrast to yesterday in the weather. It was overcast, drizzling and windy so the temperature was alright. As the day went on, things became gradually more soaked but the shorter distance made things manageable. It was a mix of […]

Day 1 – Lisbon to Apriate

Day 1 – Lisbon to Apriate – 22km/13.6 miles I got a little start on the day leaving Lisbon since I had to take the metro backwards into the city center for the official starting point. It was a tale of three sections today.. leaving the charming streets of Lisbon, going through the ultra modern […]

Day 0 – Lisbon

Lisbon as a city has been awesome so far. I went to from a hot and humid Florida to cool 70s and breezy. I hadn’t been here before, but it has so much going for it. The views, the food, the people and history have all been great. I’ve always appreciated how well Europe does […]

Welcome to Camino Memories!

Friends, Since we launched “¿Por Que Peregrino?” just over three years ago, we have been immensely proud that a diverse community of pilgrims helped build our site by sharing so many wonderful memories from their Caminos. We want to ensure that those stories reach all sorts of people who are either thinking about the Camino […]

Day 44 – Finisterre to Muxía

6/23/17 – 31.2km/19.3mi from Finisterre to Muxía. This was it. The very last day. The end of my second Camino. I actually put off writing this for a few days because I needed some time both to unwind, and to figure out what closing thoughts I had. So I guess this is a bit long. […]

Day 43 – “Day Off” in Finisterre

6/22/17 – “Day Off” in Finisterre. We had a great time last night celebrating a monumental accomplishment. Not to mention that we’ve covered nearly 100 km since Santiago, in just three days. That’s taxing. As strong as we have become on this journey, we’re definitely tired, mentally and physically. That exhaustion manifested in a few […]

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