Day 22 – Deva to Gijón

6/1/17 – 7.8km/4.7mi from Deva to Gijón, short and simple!

Today was pretty much a “rest day” even though we had some walking to do. We all slept in, had a leisurely breakfast at the awesome restaurant at Camping Deva-Gijon, and set off toward Gijón also at a leisurely pace. After a nice entry alongside a riverbank, we got to the city’s long crescent shaped beach, where David and Serrina spotted… a Burger King. And next thing you know, almost everyone stopped in to get something at the “Home of the Whopper.”

All our take-out bags had the words SABOR SABOR SABOR! (flavor flavor flavor!) written on them. No matter how good the food is here in Spain, sometimes you just want a taste of home. Otherwise there wasn’t much to the day. We relaxed, we walked around, we checked out the city’s main seafront park, cooked dinner, and I crashed well early. My body needed that. Sometimes – as I learned on the last Camino – you actually gotta give yourself some rest on “rest days.”