Bryan, USA

“On the Camino, I realized that the idea of being weak only holds true when we compare ourselves to others. Strength should not be a linear measure, but rather a reflection of your own will to persevere.”

David, USA (2019)

“Within the first day I could tell that this portion of the Portugues was not going to be like the Norte or Frances. It was very flat, it was very industrial, it was repetitive, it was hot, and it was a lot of concrete. But somehow I still enjoyed it.”

Paul, USA

The Camino de Santiago was more than that for which I had prayed. I am so thankful for the time God allowed for me to take this journey of heart, soul and mind. I walked alone and you should too. But you’re never really alone.

Keith, USA

“I literally think about the Camino every day. It was easily the most crazy and adventurous thing I’ve ever done by myself. But the word “myself” is misleading – you’re never alone on the Camino.”

Nilanj, USA (2017)

You don’t always need to dig so deep to find the meaning in things – even a Camino. Sometimes it stares you right in the face.

David, USA (2017)

If my first Camino was one of self discovery, my second Camino would be one of celebration of everything I had been able to accomplish since then. It was long, and at times a grueling journey, but it was just as memorable as the first.

Clare, USA


“One peregrino named Mike even shared a little prayer of healing over my family. It was a small moment of compassion that still moved and consoled us. We never saw Mike or his family again after that encounter, but I will always be grateful for their kindness.”

“The Walking Woman,” USA

Santiago de Compostela

“The experience of my trek was completely and utterly joyful. It reaffirmed my belief, an unquestioning understanding that the Universe will conspire on my behalf if I just flow with it… if I simply let it.”

James “Jimmy” Hart, USA

Jimmy "James" Hart

“The camaraderie, generosity, and unconditional support that James witnessed daily touched him deeply. He found that everyone had a story and a reason for walking the Camino, but that the sameness of their path brought them all together.”

Steve, USA

“There’s a rhythm to the walk, a rhythm that goes beyond the crunch of boots on gravel. A rhythm that is more than the swinging of arms or the steamy puffs of visible breath on the coldest mornings or the pulsing stride of thousands of pilgrims along the road.”

Joshua, USA

“Many people have amazing stories and incredible memories from their Camino. I don’t want to minimize anyone’s experience because they are all truly special… but my experience was a step beyond.”

Brien, USA


“The young man made the short walk over to my location near the cistern and said, ‘What is the second thing the pilgrim needs?’ I sat silently, having no idea, so he said, ‘Patience. You must have patience.’ Then he spun the wheel a bit more and voila, water appeared, flowing from a pipe near the large wheel.”

Annie, USA

“Then I’d get frustrated, because I stopped focusing on the journey and got too caught up in the destination. I came to realize that when we do that, we risk losing the journey altogether, and then we start wonder why we are even walking in the first place! Like so much of the rest of life, we must keep the balance.”

Kirby, USA

“Little things like this on so many days made me think that the Big Man upstairs was looking out for me during my Camino. It doesn’t have to be miracles. Sometimes, those little things remind you to count your blessings.”

Jason, USA

“I made a great number of steps to becoming a better person out there and it was my first solo travel experience. I learned that I’m a great deal stronger than I thought, and that just about anything can be accomplished if you just keep trying.”

Mel, USA

“I eventually fell into a rhythm with a group of people who who walked my same pace and distance. And we talked. We shared. A common first question was ‘why are you doing this?’ Like snowflakes, the reasons were unique and beautiful.”

Marc, USA

Camino de Santiago

“The Plaza del Grano brought me images of thousands, maybe millions, of citizens and pilgrims doing their thing for hundreds of years before me. I felt a part of that plaza like few other places along the Camino.”

Xina, USA

“I decided to go because I felt called by something greater than me. I answered the call … Adventurers and pilgrims alike have heard it. And so have farmers and peasants and factory workers. Some listen. Some go … I am one of these.”

Steven, USA


“The shell that accompanied me all along The Way is on a decorative stake just in front of my wife’s gravestone, one last way to honor her memory.”