Julie, Canada

“After a sad season and slow healing process, a piece of my spirit has reawakened in me – the piece that rallies fellow pilgrims to jump in the river with me after a sweltering day of hiking; the piece that picks flowers every day and tucks them into my skirt; the piece that wants to discover and know other’s stories; the piece that feels ALIVE.”

Edna & David, Canada


“Our lives back home in Calgary consist of us both working full time jobs, commuting through city traffic, and trying to balance life at the end of the day. Our lives on the Camino were balanced every day because of the simplicity.”

Elena, Canada


“We have a choice every day – often on the Camino my feet hurt and my body was tired … each day I told myself to ‘choose’ to focus on the beautiful scenery around me, the amazing sunsets, the incredible people I met … and the little surprise joys that each day brought.”

Jessica, Canada


“I came to understand that you can’t spend your life planning ahead, because you will miss the true beauty that each day has to offer.”

Eva, Canada


“I think it’s in the nothingness that I found everything. I needed the shooting pain in my feet to remind me that I was alive.”